photography by Gianna leo falcon

too much pain for one man to carry.


Photos by K.J.A.

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by gianna leo falcon

For all those people who say or have said “I mean come on get a job already, its not fair your begging for money while i have to work, and i barley have shit.” 

Well last summer i took some time and sat down with some of these folks, the same folks we pass all the time, sometimes we give a dollar, and sometimes we are just tired of giving, so we dont, but rarely do we sit down with them… What i learned is its NOT BLACK OR WHITE… and its NOT LAZINESS !!! This system we live in is flawed and some of us get caught in its trap, it could be any of us.. Next time you pass someone maybe sit down and ask them how their doing, it may change your whole out look on homelessness 

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mellyrose asked:

Hey, I'm a big fan of your work! I'm a photography major and I'm doing a project soon using chiaroscuro (film, not digital). I want to take pictures of people with tattoos. I've never done chiaroscuro before, would you have any advice? Thanks! :)


hey thanks for the kind words, i cant say i am familar with film photography ive never really done any though i would love to .. please let me know how it goes .. and if you need a subject in nyc let me know .. 

self portrait 

my boo working class took this photo of me as we often do with each other, and for that I love him dearly <3


I grew up in NYC was born here in 1984, I have seen alot change, this is not the same place i was born in… For the Good? Or the bad ? Well on the one hand it seems to be a safer place right ? cleaner streets expensive apts fancy shiny stores every where, not sure you know this but SOHO was not fancy back then not at all, where I live on the “upper west” side was not fancy either .. I grew up across the street from the Frederick Douglass projects during the crack epidemic, I still live here, I grew up with alot of addiction all around me people smoking crack in my building in the stair cases, columbus avenue and amsterdam was rows of abandoned buildings, NO ONE WANTED TO LIVE HERE, NOW ITS A SUPER FANCY NEIGHBORHOOD, BUT BACK THEN WE COULD AFFORD TO LIVE HERE, JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND, CAUSE NOW MANY OF US CANT, back then we could afford to live in NYC in general, now most if not all of us are barley surviving… 

Halloween was scary because guns would go off and when bullets go up they come down … I saw alot of child hood friends go to jail and never come back… But there was also a culture and community, we all knew each other, we all said hello, we all played in the same park and in the same streets, there was the smell of home cooked food every where and during the summer there were block parties and parties just to party every day, some of the greatest art and music was born from this struggle .. The city had a breath, it was alive and there was a story to tell on its streets … In some ways i wonder was it for the good or bad, because while alot has changed on the surface statistics show not much has changed in reality, people are still struggling some of the young folks i saw born are now either in jail or selling crack, and still in my building this is going on.. According to some reports over 4,000 reported youth sleep on the streets everyday, but there are only about 300 beds in shelters for them to sleep in… I wonder if anything has really changed ? seems like NYC got a plastic surgery make over but is still rotting and in pain on the inside … Okay yes it was dangerous sure, but it was real, it was fun, the reality could be seen, we interacted with it cause we had to, and alot of amazing lessons were learned from that … You didnt have to dig deep to hear the stories, all you had to do was watch and listen …


Photo by gianna leo falcon 

photos by gianna leo falcon and working class 

we are a couple and we love each other alot 

photo by gianna leo falcon