1. some would die for this 

  2. my hood 

    photo by gianna leo falcon 

  3. ive lived here 30 years, she speaks to me … 

  4. winter 

    photo by GLF

  5. bend. 

    photo by Gianna leo falcon and KJA

  6. driftsandtides:

    Photo by Working Class and Gianna Leo Falcon


  7. texture

    photo by gianna leo falcon


    photography by Gianna Leo Falcon

  9. only a real storm can do that 

    photo by gianna leo falcon

  10. not sick of it yet … 

    photo by gianna leo falcon 

  11. the life 

    photography by gianna leo falcon 

    and KJA

  12. For our love .

    I have to say that sun and breeze felt incredible <3

    photo by GLF

  13. the truth 

    photo by K&G

  14. even in comfort there is the awkward 

    photo by Gianna Leo falcon


  15. if you like my work lets make it 1000 for my 30th bday <3